Time in Range: A New Standard?

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Increased access to technology like CGMs gives us different metrics to measure what “good control” means in diabetes management. Low-cost options like the Freestyle Libre 2 make this technology more available and less specialized. No longer is it only for those with Type 1 diabetes or those with enough money or insurance to purchase the technology.


Time in Range has gained attention because it provides a more accurate picture of control than the previously relied upon numbers. Average Blood Glucose or A1c numbers can mask wide swings in the glucose that may create more harm than the same average glucose with fewer extreme ups and downs. For an easy-to-grasp graphic depiction of what this means, see Diatribe’s Time in Range illustrations.


 If you are on an insulin pump and CGM, check out our Guide to Pattern Management for in-depth information about using CGM reports to improve your readings.


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