Medtronic Buys Companion Medical and its InPen

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InPen, the only FDA-cleared smart insulin pen, is a refillable pen for rapid-acting mealtime insulin. It lasts one year without recharging, tracks the amount and timing of doses, and even monitors your insulin temperature. The InPen app has a bolus calculator, keeps track of Insulin on Board (IOB), and has reminders if it thinks you missed a dose.

With the acquisition by Medtronic, plans will move forward to integrate with Medtronic’s Guardian CGM, with the goal to “deliver a powerful smart CGM + pen combination” that can “deliver many of the proven benefits of an automated pump, but in the form factor of a pen.”

Currently, the InPen is only compatible with Dexcom G5 and G6 CGMs. Dexcom customers on Facebook were wondering about what this news means for integration with their Dexcom CGMs. Companion Medical said they do not have plans to discontinue the current ability to use Dexcom with InPen. You can see a quick video below or visit the companion medical website for a quick FAQ regarding the InPen.

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