A Virgin Isle Vacation

Camp DAVI (Diabetes Assoc. of the Virgin Islands) is unlike any other diabetes experience you'll ever experience. You'll find this camp at beautiful Lamshure Bay in the National Park of St. John in the Virgin Islands. The camp is located at the Virgin Islands Resource Station and run by the University of the Virgin Islands.

Cost: $900, including food, lodging and all gear. For scuba certification, add $275, Camp DAVI accepts only 15 people for certification to keep the quality of instruction and safety at a premium. For more information and an application, call Steve Prosterman at (340) 693-1399 (days) or fax (809) 693-1385 or email  at sproste@uvi.edu (University of the Virgin Islands) for a true tropical paradise vacation!

Started in 1990, Camp DAVI is the ultimate in diabetes adventure with safety. Water sports are emphasized: SCUBA diving, hiking, running, sailing, wind surfing, sea kayaking, and snorkeling. Runs and hikes include trails in the National Park in St. John. Informal education and discussions in the evenings, where you can share your experiences with other adventurous people with diabetes. Blood sugars are monitored 12 to 15 times a day to ensure safety. In doing this participants learn that knowing what their blood sugar is, and where it is going, can give them the freedom to participate in these physical activities safely. As well as teaching the participants to apply these guidelines to any type of recreation or adventure. Happy and safe diving and adventuring to you.

Eligibility: 17 years of age or older, swimming skills are a prerequisite, willingness to learn plus a desire to control your diabetes.

Personnel: Steve Prosterman has had diabetes since 1966, and is the Diving and Field Supervisor for the Univ. of the Virgin Islands. He has been a leader in developing safe protocols for diving with diabetes, and has over 20 years experience working in diabetes camps. Steve is joined by Dr. Doren Fredrickson (Type 1) of the Univ. of Kansas Medical School.

For more information, contact:

Steve Prosterman
Diving Field Supervisor
Camp DAVI, Univ. of the Virgin Islands
PO Box 305511
St. Thomas, V.I. 00803-5511
(340) 693-1399 (days)
(340) 776-0507 (evening)