Infusion Set Comparison

Although patch pumps applied directly to the skin are more available, most pumps infuse insulin from a pump reservoir through an infusion set. No single set works well for everyone, so choosing an infusion set can be difficult. The type of set shipped with a new pump is usually one manufactured by the pump company and this set may or may not be the best choice. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to choose from.

Metal or Teflon: Today’s straight-in metal sets offer fine gauge needles that are comfortable, reliable, and the easiest to insert. Teflon sets use a metal needle inserter that is removed after insertion, leaving only the Teflon tubing under the skin. Generally, the longer the Teflon, the more reliable the set. Slanted Teflon sets tend to be more reliable for many pumpers than straight-in Teflon Sets, but are generally best inserted by hand rather than with an automatic inserter.

Length: Infusion sets come in different line lengths and different needle lengths. Typical needle lengths for straight-in sets are 6 mm for infants, 8 mm for a child, 10 mm for an adult, and 12 mm for larger adults while 13 mm and 17 mm serve similar functions for the slanted Teflon sets. Most infusion lines are 24, 31, or 42 inches in length. Shorter lines work better for small children and those who prefer a short line, while longer lines work well for those who are taller.

Needle Gauge: Gauge is a standard way to measure the diameter of a needle. A lower gauge means a larger needle. For example, 25 gauge is larger than 27 gauge.

Connection Compatibility: Most infusion sets have a standard threaded Luer lock connection that can be used on most pumps. The Medtronic Paradigm and the Sooil Diabecare pumps use their own proprietary connections, so these pumps work with only a limited number of infusion sets.

Disconnect: At-site disconnect is when you disconnect the tubing at your infusion site. Just the adhesive, connection hub, and cannula remain behind. Away-from-body disconnect is a good option for people who prefer to leave their line taped down when they detach. Rather than disconnecting right at the infusion site, you can disconnect away from your body where you can see and feel the tubing better. About a 4-inch tail is left behind with the cannula, connection hub and adhesive.

Inserter: A device that helps insert the cannula and may simplify the insertion process. Inserters work better with straight-in Teflon sets than with slanted ones.

The Diabetes Mall does not currently sell any infusion sets.

Animas (sold by Medtronic)

Comfort & Comfort ShortContact DetachInsetInset 30
Insertion Angle20°, 45°90°90°30°
Cannula Typeplasticsteelplasticplastic
Disconnectionat siteaway from siteat siteat site
Length of cannula:13, 17 mm6, 8 mm6, 9 mm13 mm
Diameter of cannula:27 gauge29 gauge27 gauge27 gauge
Tubing length:23, 31, 43 in23, 43 in23, 43 in23, 43 in
Pump:luer-lock pumpsluer-lock pumpsluer-lock pumpsluer-lock pumps

Accu-Chek Infusion Sets

Accu-Chek FlexLinkAccu-Chek Insight FlexAccu-Chek Rapid-D LinkAccu-Chek TenderLinkAccu-Chek Insight Tender
Insertion angle:straight, 90°straight, 90°straight, 90°angled, 20-45°angled, 20-45°
Cannula:soft cannulaTeflon cannulasteel cannulasoft cannulasoft cannula
Disconnection:at siteat site10 cm pig-tailat siteat site
Length of cannula:6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm13 mm and 17 mm13 mm and 17 mm
Diameter of cannula:fine (22 gauge)fine (27 gauge)very fine (28 gauge)fine (22 gauge)fine (25 gauge)
Tubing length:30 cm, 60 cm and 80 cm40 cm, 70 cm and 100 cm20 cm, 50 cm, 70 cm and 100 cm30 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm and 110 cm40 cm, 70 cm and 100 cm
Compatible pump:Accu-Chek ComboAccu-Chek InsightAccu-Chek ComboAccu-Chek ComboAccu-Chek Insight
Insertion tool:Accu-Chek LinkAssistAccu-Chek LinkAssist PlusN/AN/AN/A

Medtronic Diabetes

MiniMed MioMiniMed Quick-setMiniMed SilhouetteMiniMed Sure-T
Insertion angle:90°90°20°, 45°90°
Disconnection:at siteat siteat siteaway from site
Length of cannula:6 mm, 9 mm6 mm, 9 mm13 mm, 17 mm6 mm 8 mm, 10 mm
Diameter of cannula:25 gauge25 gauge25 gauge29 gauge
Tubing length:18, 23, 32 in18, 23, 32, 43 in18, 23, 32, 43 in18, 23, 32 in
Compatible pump:Medtronic pumps onlyany Luer-lock connectorany Luer-lock connectorany Luer-lock connector
Insertion tool:built-inQuick-serterSil-sertermanual

Smiths Medical

Cleo 90
Insertion angle:90°
Disconnection:at site
Length of cannula:6 mm, 9 mm
Diameter of cannula:25 gauge
Tubing length:24, 31, 43 in
Compatible pump:Luer-lock pumps
Insertion tool:built-in insertion device

Sooil Development

Easy ReleaseSoft-Release OSoft-Release ST
Insertion angle:90°90°15°, 30°
Disconnection:away from siteat siteat site
Length of cannula:7 mm, 9 mm6 mm, 9 mm19 mm
Diameter of cannula:27 gauge26 gauge24 gauge
Tubing length:27, 43 in24, 31 in27, 43 in
Compatible pump:Sooil pumps onlySooil pumps onlySooil pumps only
Insertion tool:manualmanualmanual

Tandem Infusion Sets

AutoSoft 90AutoSoft XCAutoSoft 30VariSoftTruSteel
Insertion Angle90°90°30°20° to 45°90°
Cannula Typeplasticplasticplasticplasticsteel
Disconnectionat siteat siteat siteat siteaway from site
Length of cannula:6, 9 mm6, 9 mm13 mm13, 17 mm6, 8 mm
Diameter of cannula:25 gauge25 gauge25 gauge25 gauge29 gauge
Tubing length:23, 43 in23, 43 in23, 43 in23, 32, 43 in23, 32 in
Pump:Tandem pumpsTandem pumpsTandem pumpsTandem pumpsTandem pumps
Insertion:insertion deviceinsertion deviceinsertion devicemanualmanual

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