Different Bolus Recommendations When BOB Is Large

Bolus on Board (BOB) shows how much glucose-lowering activity remains from recent boluses so you can avoid insulin stacking, improve bolus accuracy, and know your current carb deficit or insulin deficit. BOB does not measure any basal insulin activity, only the amount of insulin that is still active from recent boluses. A pump requires an accurate DIA to accurately calculate the BOB.

Different insulin pumps will recommend very different bolus amounts when:

  • BOB is present and the glucose is below target
  • or BOB is larger than the correction bolus need and additional carbs will be eaten
  • or the BOB calculation is inaccurate due to an inaccurate duration of insulin action (DIA)

Find out why these differences are important and when they will occur by viewing the BOB slideshow. You can also download it as a Powerpoint presentation below.