Different Insulin Delivery Approaches

For some, the thought of getting a shot is scary. Doctors and patients have been hoping for an alternative to insulin injections since the beginning of its use. Many advances have been made to make injecting insulin with needles less uncomfortable by using different techniques and devices such as pumps and pens. Companies have been working on a number of more advanced ways to deliver insulin. Whether you’re new at taking shots or a seasoned veteran, these new advances will be a welcome addition to your insulin delivery options. Take a look at the pages below to find out about more of these interesting ideas.


Injections are the original way to deliver insulin.

Insulin Pump

An insulin pump is a small mechanical device that is worn outside the body, often on a belt or in a pocket. Pumps deliver fast-acting insulin into the body via an infusion set. Patch Pumps are also available that are attached directly to the skin and controlled with a remote device.

Insulin Pens

The basal/bolus approach of matching insulin to need requires a convenient, precise way to take doses of insulin anytime anywhere. The answer to this requirement for many is an insulin pen.

Inhaled Insulin

Inhaled insulin involves bringing insulin directly into the lungs. It has not been as popular since the first inhaled version of insulin closed up shop in late 2007. Learn more about the concept of inhaled insulin delivery.

Insulin Pills

Oral insulin has been a possibility for a long time but dealing with the breakdown caused by digestive juices has been a problem. Learn more about the latest advances with oral insulin delivery.

Transdermal Insulin

Another possible way to deliver insulin is direct. Learn more about transdermal insulin delivery