Diabetes Publications

  • DiabetesInControl.com
    A free weekly diabetes newsletter for Medical Professionals.
  • JDRF.org
    JDRF’s Life with Diabetes e-mail newsletter is published eight times a year to provide information and support for families with a recent diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. The newsletter is available in HTML format, with links to additional information and a printer-friendly.
  • CME.YALE.edu
    The Diabetes 2006 program consists of newsletters and tests presented in a monograph twice each year based on highlights from meetings.
  • Diabetes.lifetips.com
    Get access to thousands of diabetes tips in their weekly newletters.
  • TakingOnDiabetes.com
    The Taking on Diabetes Newsletter is a quarterly publication designed to provide updates on the initiative, as well as information on non-initiative programs and projects which coincide with its areas of focus.
  • FriendsWithDiabetes.org
    Publications and how-tos for the Jewish Diabetic, combining quality medical and halachic information.
  • DiabetesDigest.com
    A free online magazine which offers you easy-to-read,up-to-date articles about all aspects of managing your diabetes, including weight control, blood glucose monitoring and medications. Their magazine offers information on a wide variety of topics including caring for diabetes, current research and nutrition information.

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