Ambio Health Gateway

Ambio Health Monitoring System

Not exactly a smart meter, but Ambio Health has developed a Remote Health Monitoring System for the Presto Blood Glucose Meter, a Homedics blood pressure monitor and an Ambio Health digital scale. The Ambio Health system includes a Plug and Play USB connector that plugs into each device. These devices are able to wirelessly communicate with the gateway, that then sends the data to the cloud. From there, the data can be accessed by patients and caregivers. While the Dexcom Share and Telcare systems use a cellular network for sending data to the cloud, the Ambio gateway must be plugged into a router for internet access.

Ambio’s system with the Presto meter is $44.97, with a $4.99 per month subscription fee.

As it stands now, the Ambio system is good for home use. A more connected system would be great for the future, possibly integrating access for a Bluetooth enabled smartphone or another way to get data to the cloud without being near the gateway.


Agamatrix Presto Blood Glucose Monitor

  • Uses dynamic electrochemistry to achieve highly accurate results
  • Easy to read backlight display
  • No code; 300 test memory; 0.5 μL sample size
  • Provides mealtime averages and 14, 30, 90 day averages; 6 reminder alarms
  • Fastest test time of 5 seconds; approved for alternate site testing
  • Backlight
  • Fastest test time is 5 seconds and approved for alternate site testing
  • Mealtime averages and 14, 30, 90 day averages, 6 reminder alarms
  • No code, 300 test memory, 0.5 μL sample size
  • WaveSense Diabetes Manager application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Use the app to store and manage your blood glucose readings and to view trends and statistics

Ambio Health Wireless Gateway

  • Easy Plug and Play installation
  • Wireless technology provides whole house (5000 sq ft.) coverage
  • One year warranty

Ambio Health Wireless Connector for Presto Blood Glucose Monitor

  • Easy plug and play installation to the Presto Blood Glucose Monitor
  • Wireless technology provides whole house (5000 sq ft.) coverage
  • Automatically transmits readings from the Monitor
  • Low battery status alert message
  • One year warranty

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