Try any of these great tools from the Diabetes Mall Toolbox.
Our easy-to-use and totally anonymous tools provide calorie and carb intakes to maintain your current weight or achieve the desired weight while entering your current insulin doses if you use insulin will uncover lots of suggestions for new doses you and your doctor can try. Each tool also shows a comparison of your data with that of everyone else who has used it. Enjoy!

Insulin Dose Guide for Pumps, CGMs, and AIDs

This insulin dose guide provides more confidence in the use of an insulin pump and CGM, or an AID system. It helps you interpret glucose graphs, charts, and real-time CGM displays, and turn them into improved actions, settings, and outcomes. Insulin requirements and treatment protocols can differ significantly from one person to the next. The guide includes over a dozen pages, all of them with great information. Start at the beginning to start on your path to better glucose management.

Optimal Insulin Pump Settings Tool

The Optimal Insulin Pump Settings Tool from OpenSourceDiabetes.org is now available on Diabetesnet.com. This tool helps compare the settings in your pump with what the settings would be if averaged from those of more than 100 people in excellent control on insulin pumps.

Insulin Wizard

Total Daily Dose Calculator(TDD)
The TDD calculator adds up all your daily insulin doses and calculates the percentage of each insulin which you use. If you are having frequent highs or lows, adjustments in your TDD are suggested that may help to prevent them.

Basal Dose Review
See how many units you need for your basal or (long-acting) insulin based on the selected percentage of basal insulin you enter. It also displays a range of basal doses based on your TDD.

Carb Factor
This Insulin to Carb Ratio estimates how many grams of carbohydrate one unit of rapid insulin will cover for you using two methods.

Correction Factor
Shows how far your blood sugar is likely to drop per unit of insulin.

Nutrition Tools and Info

Body Mass Index(BMI)
Utilizing World Health Organization information your BMI provides information about your health status. Personal recommendations for your calorie and carb intake and how these carbs can be distributed throughout the day.

Carb and Calorie Estimator
Based on the Harris-Benedict formula, this tool provides a convenient carb and nutritional planner based on your current weight and your desired weight. This tool adjusts your calorie needs based on your sex, age, and activity level.

Glycemic Index
The glycemic index measures how fast a food is likely to raise your blood sugar. This can be helpful for managing blood sugars.

Glossary of Terms
A quick reference to any unfamiliar terms found within these tools.

Charting Tools and Graphs

Dose Guide for Insulin Pumps and CGMs – A 2-page pdf guide packed with information to identify and correct glucose issues that arise. A great aid for clinicians and advanced users.

Print out a sample Smart Chart from Using Insulin or you can order them online now and save 20% off a years supply!

Print out a sample Enhanced Log to easily fax data to your physician.

500 Rule Graph to calculate carb factors using the 450, 500, and 550 Rules.

1800 Rule Graph for quick calculations of Correction Factors using the 1600, 1800, 200, 2200 Rules.

Millimole Basal Percentage Graph shows different basal doses for a day at 45%, 50%, 60%, and 70% of the TDD.