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Average of all the insulin doses (basal + bolus) you take per day (from pump).
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Target average is usually 130-140 mg/dl where before and after meal readings are done.

Use a recent A1c in the convertor below to calculate a more accurate Average Blood Sugar to use in the Pump Settings Tool.

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The Optimal Insulin Pump Settings Tool helps lower elevated glucose levels and may reduce glucose variability in people with Type 1 Diabetes (no insulin production of their own) who use between 20 to 100 units of insulin per day. The pump setting formulas used in this tool were derived from 132 pump wearers in very good control who had an average glucose of 144 mg/dl (8.0 mmol or an A1c of about 6.7%) from more than 40,000 glucose tests done in a 74 day period.


The Settings Tool cannot be directly used by anyone who is having frequent hypoglycemia because the degree of excess in a person’s TDD cannot be measured. In this case, a clinician can lower the current TDD by 5% or 10% (current TDD times 0.95 or 0.9), and use this lower TDD to generate new pump settings. If the lows continue, another reduction in the TDD will be needed.


Any settings derived from this tool are guidance only and should not be used to change any current pump setting unless you are under the guidance of a Health Care Provider who has experience in insulin pumps.


Not enough data was available to recommend use of this tool in those who’s TDD is less than 20 units a day. Visit the Actual Pump Practices Study page for additional information.

Useful Definitions

Carb Factor (I:C) = the insulin to carb ratio or grams of carb covered by one unit of insulin

Correction Factor (ISF) = how far your glucose is likely to fall on each unit of insulin, sometimes called an insulin sensitivity factor

Rel. Ins. Sensitivity (IS) = your sensitivity to insulin compared to an average of 100%. (< 100% = less sensitive, > 100% = more sensitive)

Avg BG = avg meter BG for 14 days or longer (an average of 40 or more BG tests is preferred)

TDD = total insulin used per day (all basal, carb & correction doses per day)

improved TDD (iTDD) = the current TDD that is adjusted upward when the avg glucose is too high, to derive a higher and more accurate TDD

Pump Dose Guidance Software provided by opensourcediabetes.org and Ludi Billings, PhD, PE, of Visionary Ventures, Llc.