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Insulet and J&J Reach Agreement

Insulet and Johnson & Johnson announced an agreement to incorporate the OneTouch technology into the Omnipod's remote controller. The next Omnipod will have a built in blood glucose meter in the PDM, allowing you to carry one less device. Insulet already has a deal with Abbott Diabetes Care to include their Freestyle technology in their new PDM but the deal isn't exclusive. Upon release, Insulet could decide to have a separate device for each blood glucose meter technology or switch to Lifescan exclusively after the Abbott deal expires in 2013.

FDA and Device Makers Reach Deal

The Food and Drug Administration has reached an agreement with medical device makers that should increase the speed in which they evaluate new devices. The much maligned approval process has long been thought to be slow and unpredictable. For the last decade, the FDA has accepted company payments to supplement it's budget and create a smoother process, totaling $295 million in the last agreement. This new deal raises that budget to $595 million over the next five years, allowing the FDA to hire 200 new scientist.

Tandem t:slim Insulin Pump

t:slim Insulin Pump by Tandem

Tandem Diabetes Care has raised the bar for what pumpers will expect with their new t:slim insulin pump. Inside a sleek glass, chrome, and glossy black exterior sits a high contrast color screen with an iPhone look designed for ease and speed of use. Behind the screen is a pressure-generated micro-delivery system that allows basal rates to be ajdusted by 0.001 (one thousandths) of a unit per hour. Bolus adjustments can be made in increments as small as 0.01 (one hundredth) of a unit.

Contour USB Combo Overcomes A Big Problem

One big problem with blood glucose meters has long been that you can’t convert the individual readings into patterns and trends so you can figure out what to do about them. Oh, sure, many meters have software that does this in one fashion or another but downloading the data into software is often difficult because the cable you need is unavailable or lost or left at home or the office. Even a bigger problem occurs when you take the meter to the doctor’s office and they don’t have a cable to use to download data to software for the doctor to analyze and make recommendations.


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