Tandem Introduces t:connect Mobile App

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Tandem Diabetes Care just announced the release of the t:connect Mobile App. The app allows users of the t:slim X2 to view pump and CGM data on their smartphone, enabling wireless cloud data sharing between patients and providers.

You can’t bolus with it, but you can view basal and bolus insulin events, insulin on board, carbs, current settings, and both pump and sensor status. The app also lets you view pump messages and alerts as push notifications on your phone. And accessing the app on the phone is more discreet than pulling out an insulin pump, especially when it’s worn in a hard to reach place.

Data gets uploaded in real-time to your cloud-based t:connect account for easy access by your health care provider. This eliminates the hassle of connecting the pump to a home computer and uploading data or waiting in the doctor’s office while data downloads before the doctor can view your information. No longer does your Personal Care Physician need to be a computer guru to see your data. During the Coronavirus pandemic, when many healthcare visits are done remotely by telehealth, this is especially big news. Data can also be shared with family sharing, up to 6 users.

The app is available for Apple iOS versions 12 and 13 and Android OS versions 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0.

Learn more about the t:connect Mobile App here. or watch their explainer video on Youtube.



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24 thoughts on “Tandem Introduces t:connect Mobile App”

  1. Unfortunately, t:connect offers the full monte for pump info, and is currently too complicated for small watch screens. We would not be surprised if a trimmed down version later allows this.

  2. Why is t:connect not available on android v11? My phone was released a year ago and has obviously been through software updates in the intervening year, but why does it stop at android 10? Seems odd that a company claiming to be so easily updateable and “current” can’t run their app on the most recent android software.

  3. Why is this not available in Canada, I just purchased the tandem pump and dexcom CGM only to find that i cant even get the T:connect app…how very disappointing…They really should tell you that when purchasing.

    • Tandem told me Health Canada has not yet approved. They couldn’t even tell me if they’ve filed an application yet. Although the wait is a bit frustrating but the app doesn’t let you Bolus or change pump settings. It would be great if it could let you do that remotely.

  4. When will it be available in the U.K. and or France ?

    Very frustrating that healthcare professional cannot see a printout of how things have been, that facility has been available on Medtronic for years….

    In many ways, I regret changing…..

    • Completely agree. A year of people asking when when when and we are still no furhter forward. Closest I have got (being in the UK) is to change my app store to USA which lets me download the app. WoooHoooo but the happiness is short lived as when I tried to pair the app with the pump it pairs. You then try to sync data and get an “unknown error” and it then loops back to the start where you need to pair the device again. Incredibly frustrating. I feel the locks within the controlIQ software are incredibly restrictive. Especially as IOB is forcing 5 hours where for me I need 3 hours. So I have two hours of the pump thinking I have insulin and is holding back on corrections before correcting further. Absolutely insane decision to “FORCE” this in controlIQ because of this and the complete failure this pump has given me over the last month its going in the junk draw and i am going back to my Medtronic 722 and looping via that. Cherry on the cake… I cannot find an email address to contact who i need to contact. Angry! Disappointed! Regret I chose Tandem! Live and learn. Each to their own, someone else may have a better experience.

  5. I’m in Australia is the app available here as I only have an iPad not computer and was told that if I get correct attachment I could upload my pump for my son via my apple iPad is this correct before i purchase attachment

  6. I just purchased the IQ in Canada with the understanding that I would have access to the app. The pump trainer connected me to glooko but the graphs are very basic. When I switched from medtronic 670g I was expecting similar data information with Tandem which we need to better manage our diabetes. I am at a loss as to why across the border this technology is not available in Canada. I am so disappointed.


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