NightRider BluCon turns Libre into real-time CGM

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Connectivity transforms good into better on the way to best. The NightRider BluCon from Ambrosia Systems uses Bluetooth to turn a Libre Sensor into a real Continuous Glucose Monitor. Every 5 minutes, NightRider sends Libre glucose readings to a smartphone or watch without the wearer having to scan the sensor.

The reusable NightRider Bluetooth transmitter can be attached to the top of any Freestyle Libre Sensor, including the Libre 2. Blood glucose readings go to its LinkBluCon App (Google Play or App Store) on a smartphone or watch (Apple Watch). The user can set alarms for out-of-range, high and low readings, rise and fall rate, or no reading for 20 minutes. Up to five people can share readings using the FollowBluCon app (Google Play or App Store), and caregivers can also set alarms.

The wearer can record events like exercise, medication, and food on the app, sharing this data and their glucose readings with their doctor. The doctor can then correlate glucose levels and activity-related information with sudden spikes or falls in glucose levels. When others log into, all this information can be viewed.

NightRider BluCon is available in waterproof and non-waterproof models.

For total cost, Ambrosia says the Nightrider BluCon and Libre sensors are one-third that of other CGMs. This makes it a more affordable option for people with diabetes who have no insurance.

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10 thoughts on “NightRider BluCon turns Libre into real-time CGM”

  1. Thank you Ambrosia for thinking about people who want to keep their glucose level check at any given point in time. I am using NightRider BluCon with Freestyle Libre Sensor, and it was never so easy to record how my glucose level readings and see how my daily eating and exercising habits are affecting it.

  2. The Nightrider BluCon is a single device that I am using for the past 4 years without any issues. It is the most cost-effective solution that provides me readings of my glucose level in real-time and help me take better care of my health.

    • Hey Priti, Yes absolutely you can use it during pregnancy. I used it on top of my libre sensor which helped me to monitor my GD.

  3. I am using the NightRider with the FreeStyle Libre sensor over a few years now, it uses Libre sensor to deliver real-time continuous glucose readings, alarms and many more important and useful features. I found it very helpful in monitoring my diabetes.

  4. Yes, it can used and there is no harm . I tried in my pregnancy and it was too easy for me to monitor my BG levels without pricking up the finger.

  5. Terrible customer service. Waiting 2 weeks for a new one (lost mine in the ER during emergency surgery). Paid for expideted service. Nope.

    When I complained online, they threatened to keep my money and NOT ship my device.


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