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Injection Sites on Kids

From: MM

My granddaughter is 3 years old and uses the pump. Unfortunately the only place she can use right now is her bottom. Is there any cream made that can help soften injection sites? At this point, she has no fat available on tummy or otherwise to use different areas. We would appreciate any help.


Hi MM,

Should I get a CGM?

From: BW

Hello. I'm not diabetic yet, but am getting close, and diabetes runs in my family. I'm considering continuous glucose monitoring so I can track how my diet and exercise affect my glucose levels throughout the day. This would not be covered by insurance. I'd like to learn more about my options, and would like to hear suggestions to do this at a reasonable cost.


Thanks for your question B,

Bad Humalog?

From: JR

I opened a new bottle of humalog about four days back. My blood sugar has never been this high. Checked the humulin and there were things sticking to the inside. Then I took a new one out of frigde. My blood sugar was 222. I took 10 units, checked my sugar 20 mins later. It was 320. I checked both new bottles and they have particles sticking to the inside.


Hi JR,

What’s Upcoming In Insulin Delivery?

The race is on in diabetes technology. Looping or shooting or some combination? Bigfoot or Beta Bionics or enriched MDI? Will you prefer a closed loop insulin pump using one of several CGM options combined with an algorithm that coordinates glucose readings and insulin doses? Will control be enhanced by combining insulin with glucagon, amylin, or a GLP-1? Might you inject insulin from a smart pen connected to a CGM that offers an enhanced dosing advisor?

Hey! What About Us - MoToMove #24

Well, what about us! The “us” I am talking about is the growing number of T1D’s who have lived full, rich lives with diabetes, over a lifetime of many years. Sure, the diabetes world has been moving forward at a fairly snappy pace. Innovative technologies, creative tools and tricks, more accessible education and widespread social media connections have brought enrichment to many PWD’s. The battle for Medicare coverage of CGM’s for seniors has been won, thanks to warriors like Dr. Nick Argento of Maryland and many others who led the fight to win.

First few months on 670G: Letting Go to Gain Control

I used to a professional photographer. I was lucky enough to work with the best professional SLR cameras and lenses, and what I loved about using them was the control. Fuzz out the background or make it sharp as a tack with aperture adjustment. Freeze the motion or let it blur by changing shutter speed. My colleague used to call Auto Mode on the camera “Bonehead Mode”, professing that only amateurs and hacks used it. I wasn’t quite as adamant as him, as I saw the value of “Bonehead Mode” for certain situations, and I appreciated the sophisticated technology that made it work so well.

670G in Auto Mode: Forget What You Know about Pumping

As I drove to my training appointment, ready to put the 670G into Auto Mode for the first time, I reflected on my past week in Manual Mode. The Suspend Before Low feature was a real winner with me, cutting off my basal delivery before I went low. I’d also noticed a big improvement in the accuracy of the sensor, giving me confidence to let the pump take over control in Auto Mode.

670G Week One: Manual Mode

In my last blog post I told you that I decided to try the Medtronic 670g. Even though being on an insulin pump hadn’t improved my glycemic control in the previous 9 months, I still held out hope for this new pump. My insulin needs didn’t follow a pattern that either I or my doctors could get a handle on, and I was curious whether having the ‘hybrid closed loop system’ take over and make its own decisions minute by minute would do the trick.