Resources for Automated Insulin Delivery (AID) Systems

We’ve come a long way! Around 1980, the first insulin pumps were crude devices converted from large chemotherapy pumps. They had a single basal rate with manual boluses. An early version called the Blue Brick or Big Blue had a large syringe exposed outside the pump. It required the wearer to dilute insulin to accommodate the pump’s large syringe. Infusion sets came only with straight needles bent by hand, with a butterfly handle if you were lucky.

Now, four decades later, we’ve gained better precision, improved insulins, multiple basal rates, bolus calculators, CGMs, Bluetooth connectivity, and software advances. Today’s AIDs offer a different experience. The resources below will update you on some of the latest.

Pump and AID Information Resources

A General Overview of AID Systems by the German Diabetes Association’s Working Group for Diabetes & Technology

Abbott Freestyle 

Beta Bionics


The advanced adaptive hybrid closed-loop app automatically adjusts insulin delivery based on sensor glucose readings on your insulin pump. 

Dexcom CGMDexcom CGM

  • Dexcom’s Product Guides include numerous guidance sheets for the G6 CGM, Clarity software, and the Professional G6 CGM (blinded CGM for clinicians)

Eversense® Sensionics CGM

  • Sensionics E3 CGM details its 6-month implanted sensor that connects to an Android or iOS® smartphone, Apple Watch®, and Apple Health®

MedtronicTMMedtronic Guardian

Omnipod® Quick Start GuideOmnipod System

Panther – Diabetes Technology Deciphered

Taking Control of Your Diabetes (TCOYD)

TandemTandem and Dexcom