Resources for Automated Insulin Delivery (AID) Systems

We’ve come a long way! Around 1980, the first insulin pumps were crude devices converted from large chemotherapy pumps. They had a single basal rate with manual boluses. An early version called the Blue Brick or Big Blue had a large syringe exposed on the outside of the pump. It required the wearer to dilute insulin to accommodate the pump’s large syringe. Infusion sets came only with straight needles bent by hand for use, with a butterfly handle if you were lucky.

Now four decades on, we’ve gained better precision, improved insulins, multiple basal rates, bolus calculators, CGMs, Bluetooth connectivity, and software advances. Today’s AIDs offer a totally different experience. The resources below will update you on some of the latest.

Pump and AID Information Resources

A General Overview of AID Systems by the German Diabetes Association’s Working Group for Diabetes & Technology

TandemTandem and Dexcom

Tandem Training and Guides

Details of Tandem Diabetes t:slim X2 with Control-IQ by the German Diabetes Association’s Working Group for Diabetes & Technology

Tandem Quick Reference Sheets
18 quick guides to giving a bolus, giving a bolus from a Smartphone, loading the cartridge, downloading with the t:connect software, connecting to a Dexcom CGM, etc.

Tandem User Manual

MedtronicTMMedtronic Guardian

MedtronicTM Quick Reference Guides

MedtronicTM 770G insulin pump

Details of Medtronic 780G with AutoMode Smart Guard by the German Diabetes Association’s Working Group for Diabetes & Technology

Medtronic CarelinkTM software

Medtronic InPenTM Smart Insulin Pen

Medtronic GuardianTM Connect CGM

Omnipod® Quick Start GuideOmnipod System

Quick Start Guide has quick tips for operation and a 2-page download for full operating steps.

Omnipod DASH System

Omnipod 5 AID System

Dexcom CGMDexcom CGM

Dexcom’s Product Guides include numerous guidance sheets for the G6 CGM, Clarity software, and the Professional G6 CGM (blinded CGM for clinicians)

Abbott Freestyle 

Freestyle Libre CGM

Freestyle Libre Sensor

Freestyle Libre Reader

Freestyle Libre Pro (blinded CGM for clinicians)

Freestyle Optium Neo Meter with glucose testing in 5 seconds and ketone testing in 10 seconds

Eversense® Sensionics CGM

Sensionics E3 CGM details its 6-month implanted sensor that connects to an Android or iOS® smartphone, Apple Watch®, and Apple Health®