Roche and Dexcom Partner Up

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Dexcom is making more friends. Already having partnerships with Animas and Omnipod, Dexcom has now signed a research and development agreement with Roche Diagnostics U.S. The plan is to integrate Dexcom’s continuous glucose monitor into Roche’s insulin pumps so you can see trends and blood glucose data in one handheld device.

Here’s an excerpt from the announcement:

Marc Gibeley, Head of Roche Diabetes Care North America states: “Our partnership with DexCom will allow us to offer people with diabetes a single device to test their blood sugar, administer insulin and monitor short and long-term glycemic trends. This integrated solution for people with diabetes will improve their management options and allow us to strengthen our position as a leader in the U.S. market.”

Full Article: Roche Diagnostics and DexCom Announce Research and Development Agreement



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