Will Inhaled Insulin Really Take Your Breath Away?

Mannkind’s inhaled insulin, Afrezza, was approved by the FDA on June 28, 2014. Its Dreamboat inhaler delivers a choice of 4u or 8u capsules of insulin powder. Capsules are prepared by loading insulin molecules onto pH-sensitive carrier particles and then drying and placing the powder into plastic capsules. The aerodynamic properties of the particles delivered by the device scatters the insulin powder deep into the lungs when inhaled. Once these pH sensitive particles contact the neutral pH of the lungs, they become a liquid and quickly absorb through the lung membranes.

Timesulin Coming to US

Timesulin Logo

Timesulin is trying to make it's way to the US and they need your help. They are using the crowdfunding service Indiegogo to raise the money necessary to prepare and file an application with the FDA and create awareness of Timesulin in the US. Their funding goal is $35,000. For those who are unaware, the Timesulin Replacement Cap for insulin pens shows the time since last injection to help avoid accidental double or missed doses.

Insulcheck Insulin Pen Timers

Insulin pens are a great way to inject insulin. They are convenient and easy to carry. Keeping track of the last time you injected insulin is what's been missing from insulin pens for a long time. Of course, we should be jotting down our times and amounts in a logbook to avoid double injections. Insulcheck has created an insulin pen attachment that tracks when you last injected insulin from your pen.

Pendiq Digital Insulin Pen

We've been talking about smart insulin pens for years. A smart pen that includes some of the helpful features found in today's smart pumps would help non-pump patients increase the success of their diabetes management greatly. Pendiq is a new digital insulin pen manufactured by Diamesco Co, that was announced at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) meeting in Lisbon in September of 2011.

Insulin Pens

Normally, about half of the day's insulin is released as a relatively steady background or basal delivery. When carbs are eaten, a spike or bolus of insulin release occurs from the pancreas. In attempting to mimic the pancreas with a basal/bolus approach that better matches insulin to need, a convenient and precise way to deliver insulin can be very helpful.

Levemir - Dose Splitting

Another reason to split is that many people don’t have consistent schedules where they give their one dose of Lantus at the same time every day. If someone gives Levemir at bedtime, but goes to bed later on Fridays and Saturdays, a gap in coverage will occur on Friday night into Saturday morning, and some doubling of action occurs when they return to their usual schedule. Splitting the dose greatly minimizes these timing issues even if the two split doses are not given at exactly the same time of day.


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