Help With The Hard Stuff: Type 1 Diabetes

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Workbooks for Teens With Type 1 Diabetes and Their Parents

Help With the Hard Stuff is a workbook designed for teens diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and their parents. Living with Type 1 diabetes is difficult enough for adults, but for teenagers it adds to the already increased stress of social pressures, self-awareness, and responsibility.

This workbook can:

  • help the whole family understand basic diabetes information
  • provides evidence based cognitive-behavioral strategires that help facilitate health behavior changes
  • assist in making the transition in care from parent to adolescent smoother
  • address key factors such as self-monitoring of blood glucose, gaining social support, and improving family communication
  • glossary of commonly used terms
  • section with resources for more information


Help With The Hard Stuff: Type 1 Diabetes

by Lauren W Tolle, PhD and William T O'Donohue, PhD
9" x 11", 174 pages, 2010 
Cover Price: $19.99
Only $14.00 at the Diabetes Mall


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