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Are you looking for an in home caregiver? Do you want to be an in home caregiver? FindCare is a new search portal for caregivers and home care jobs. Their mission is to make the process of finding qualified caregivers for your loved ones simple, safe, and free!

It’s easy to start the sign up process. You give them your name, email, password, and invite code (Diabetesnet) and sign up. You’ll receive some confirmation emails and start answering some questions from their compatibility questionnaire. They ask simple, but really important questions, like gender preference, transportation needs, smoker or non-smoker, what type of professional are you seeking, and specialized experience needed. You’ll also need to setup your location.

From there, you’ll get matched up with people who are near your area. You can view their profiles for more info or send them a message through the site. You can also post a job and let care providers come to you. Care providers will apply to your jobs with a summary of their strengths, qualifications, and why they’re a good fit for your family

Finding a properly trained caregiver for someone with diabetes is an important addition to a diabetes healthcare team. It’s important to find someone who is dedicated to helping monitor diabetes management and has prior experience in all the important aspects of monitoring, including: spotting symptoms of highs and lows, performing various test, and proper nutrition. They should have direct contact with the physician and other members of the team as well. Any way to ease the process of finding the right person is always helpful, and iFindcare seems to be taking the right steps.

Findcare is still in beta so I expect to see more improvements in the coming months. Feel free to use our invite code, Diabetesnet, to try out their service and let us know what you think.


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