Tandem Expands Choices by Partnering with Abbott

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Tandem Diabetes‘ innovative insulin delivery systems have acquired a new partner. Adding to its current partnership with Dexcom and the Dexcom G6 iCGM (interoperable CGM), Tandem has added a simultaneous partnership with Abbott’s world-leading CGM technology.

The need for interchangeability and interoperability between diabetes devices is widely recognized in the industry. Tandem’s t:slim X2™ insulin pump was the first to produce a pump with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication in 2016 and to receive U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance for a new device category called alternate controller enabled (ACE) infusion pumps earlier this year.

The special controls for ACE pumps allow for reliable and secure communication via BLE with compatible external devices like the G6 CGM and Abbott’s next-generation FreeStyle Libre 2 CGM system, as well as with smartphones and personal digital assistant devices. Interoperability allows people with diabetes to more rapidly update the components of an Automated Insulin Delivery (AID or closed-loop) system.

For example, newer pump features can be directly downloaded directly from the pump manufacturer, as well as the addition of connectivity fo an improved CGM software or device technology or a more advanced AID software. Faster updates and cooperation between interoperable device companies are anticipated to greatly reduce the daily burden of diabetes.

Tandem and Abbott are currently in discussions regarding a final agreement for the technical implementation of device integration and associated commercial support activities. After announcing their partnership, Tandem Diabetes Care stock (TNDM) surged 9.5% to 61.99 and Abbott Laboratories (ABT) advanced 2.7% to 81.98.

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