Dexcom and Tandem Partner Up

Update: Tandem and Dexcom announces the FDA approval of the t:slim G4

DexCom and Tandem Diabetes Care have a CGM Development and Commercialization Agreement to integrate the Dexcom's future generation sensor into the t:slim Insulin Delivery System. The t:slim, the first touch-screen insulin pump, has FDA approval but is not on the market yet. The announcement also mentions "future generations of the sensor", so it may be awhile before we see the systems actually working together.

Dexcom has partnered with Animas, Omnipod, and Roche Diagnostics over the past couple of years as well. Dexcom is obviously the go to company for pump companies without their own CGM solutions. A link to the full press release is below.

Dexcom And Tandem Diabetes Care Announce CGM Development and Commercialization Agreement