Diabetes Types

It's important to know which type of diabetes you have and treat it properly. See our selection of books on Type 1, Type 2, Pre, and Gestational diabetes.

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Diabetes & Pregnancy -30%

Diabetes & Pregnancy

A Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy for Women Who Have Type 1, Type 2, or Gestational Diabetesby Davi..

$15.95 $11.15
Guide to Insulin and Type 2 Diabetes -30%

Guide to Insulin and Type 2 Diabetes

by Marie McCarrenInsulin is the most powerful tool available for managing diabetes. It can do th..

$12.95 $9.05
Using Insulin -30%

Using Insulin

By John Walsh, PA, CDE, Ruth Roberts, MA, Chandrasekhar Varma, MD, FACE, FACP, Timothy Bailey, MD,..

$23.95 $16.75