Valeritas V-Go

Valeritas H-patch

The V-Go is a simple-to-use, once-daily, disposable insulin delivery device. This spring-driven patch pump is worn on the skin to provide a preset basal rate and on-demand bolus dosing. Valeritas designed the device to be convenient and easy to use for people with Type 2 diabetes who use multiple daily injections. One of the V-Go’s great advantages is that boluses can be given at any time of day because the device is always there.

There are no electronics, batteries, infusion sets, or programming, and the device is fully disposable. You can even keep it on when you shower, sweat, or sleep. The company recommends using either Humalog or Novolog. There are 3 V-Go options: the V-Go 20, V-Go 30 and V-Go 40, each corresponding to the 20, 30, or 40 units of basal insulin they give each day. Each version is worn for 24 hours and disposed of.

To begin use, the V-Go is filled with insulin using their EZ Fill device. Valeritas recommends that you apply the V-Go within 24 hours of filling the reservoir with Humalog. If filling with Novolog, you have up to 5 days if refrigerated or 3 days if left at room temperature.

Once filled, you prepare a skin site with a normal sterile technique. Peel the protective liner from the adhesive backing and apply the device to a part of the body where it can be easily reached. Follow the steps to automatically insert the 30 gauge steel micro-needle and begin the basal flow of insulin. When a meal-time bolus is needed, there are two buttons on opposite sides of the pump that are squeezed to deliver insulin in 2 unit increments. You can operate both buttons right through your clothes.

When you are ready to remove the V-Go, you simply press the needle release button and peel it off. The micro-needle retracts and locks in place, making it easy to dispose of without a sharps container.

Similar to injections or an insulin pen, the V-Go provides no tracking of the number of units or the timing of the boluses given, so the wearer has to remember these. Training is critical for safe use of the V-Go to avoid hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.

How do I get the V-Go?

Valeritas has a 24/7customer care line with people who will answer questions and call your insurance company on your behalf to see if the V-Go is covered. Most people with insurance will pay $25 to $50 for a 30-day supply. After paying the first $25 of out-of-pocket expenses, you can save up to $180 off the rest of your copay. The card can be used 3 times for a maximum benefit of up to $540. This discount card is only valid if you have insurance.

Valeritas has two online manuals available. A 50-page Instructions for Patient Use PDF covers filling, applying, and using the V-Go. It includes safety information and answers to frequently asked questions. Their Quick Reference Guide is a simple version of this with graphics that show the subjects mentioned. These are available as a PDF in English or Spanish, a video, or as an interactive online guide.