Which insulin pumps allow me to detach for a game?

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From: JP

I was wondering what pumps can be detached during a sporting contest and reattached after the game? Also, for the Insulet omni pod, are there two entry point for the CGM and the pump? Thanks for your time.


J, any of the pumps with an infusion line can be detached for sports, but an Omnipod has to stay on all the time. Our favorite infusion set for sports is any of the 6 mm steel sets. They have a very low profile and when an IV3000 or Tegaderm adhesive is placed over the needle, the set rarely comes off, even during contact sports. On these sets, the line and pump are detached about 4 inches away from the insertion point. The adhesive and set always stay in place during sports, showers, etc.

The Omnipod and all current infusion set pumps require a separate site for the CGM’s sensor and transmitter. The transmitter has a taller profile than a steel needle but can be overlaid with a plastic adhesive or some of the waterproof sport tapes to help minimize detachment or the CGM.

An Omnipod has a higher and larger profile. On the arm, it can be wrapped to reduce the likelihood of detachment, but this is harder to do in other areas of the body. Infusion sites require time to recover between uses and this can become an issue if one or two sites are repeatedly used during sports. Repeated use of sites leads to the build-up of lipohypertrophy and scarring that can delay and even reduce insulin delivery. With contact sports especially, a line pump offers more site options and may be preferred. For most other sports, either will work.

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