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What is provides the latest easy-to-understand, cutting-edge information and products focused exclusively on diabetes. Our expertise allows us to provide valuable resources, including:

  • A wealth of articles, research and presentations on critical diabetes topics.
  • Interactive diabetes tools to calculate BMI, TDD, bolus doses, etc.
  • Detailed information on the latest devices, products, management tools and developments in diabetes care.
  • Comparisons of the current features of all the major insulin pumps, infusion sets, & continuous monitors as well as future devices under development.
  • Easy, secure shopping through our online store where a wide array of diabetes books, test strips, scales, and products can be purchased at large discount.

Our site caters to all age groups and levels of experience, including teens, parents, seniors, newly diagnosed, new insulin users, and long time users of intensive diabetes therapy. It is directed at Type 1's, Type 2's, family members, friends, and diabetes health care professionals.

Founded by John Walsh, PA, CDE, and Ruth Roberts, MA, in 1993, our first informational site appeared on the web in May, 1994. John and Ruth write best-selling books and research articles that show how to improve blood glucose control with diabetes. Their books include Pumping Insulin (now in it's 4th edition), Using Insulin, STOP the Rollercoaster (out of print), The Pocket Pancreas, and My Other Checkbook. John is a frequent speaker to health professionals and people with diabetes and an advisory board member and consultant to the diabetes drug and device industry.

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General placement on our internet links page is free of charge for appropriate diabetes-related sites when a link to us is placed on your site. Please email us with your request.