The Pocket Pancreas

The Pocket Pancreas

Your Diabetes Guide For Improved Blood Sugars

by John Walsh PA CDE and Ruth Roberts MA

41 pages, 3x6, tables, graphs, and charts

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Pocket Pancreas

Indispensible! A booklet filled with easy to understand information for better control. Includes tips on insulin, treating highs and lows, exercise, and much more. Has a glycemic index, carb counting, the 1800/1500 and 500/450 Rules, and much more. Your pocket will never be the same! Fits into a checkbook cover!

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Kaye Nelson
Fargo, ND

Pocket Pancreas Contents

Background Information   Control Problems/Corrections  
   Set Your Diabetes Goals   Too Many Lows 23
   What Type of Diabetes Do You Have?   Too Many Highs 23
 The Apple Figure   Sudden Highs 23
 Insulin Sensitivity   Highs Between Meals 24
 Select Your Target Blood Sugars   Highs Before Meals 24
Insulin     Up and Down Readings 25
  Types and Action Times Low Blood Sugars  
  Flexible Insulin Therapy   Symptoms 26
  FIT Scale   Prevention 28
  Using Flexible Insulin Therapy 10    Treat Lows Quickly 30
     Set the Background insulin 10    Don't Overtreat 31
     Match the Carbs: 500/450 Rule 11    Hypoglycemia Unawareness 32
     Lower the Highs: 1800/1500 Rule 12    Glucagon 33
     Humalog Sliding Scale Table 15  Exercise 34
  Tips For Insulin 15  Appendix A: Glycemic Index 38
  Eat Healthy 16  Appendix B: Carb Factors 39-41
Carb Counting      
  What Are Carbs? 17     
  What Are Grams? 18     
  How Many Carbs Do You Need 18     
  How To Count Carbohydrates 19