Insulcheck Insulin Pen Timers

Insulin pens are a great way to inject insulin. They are convenient and easy to carry. Keeping track of the last time you injected insulin is what's been missing from insulin pens for a long time. Of course, we should be jotting down our times and amounts in a logbook to avoid double injections. Insulcheck has created an insulin pen attachment that tracks when you last injected insulin from your pen.

How does it work?

You are given a clear sleeve that should snap or slide right onto your pen. The InsulCheck display attaches to your pen by sliding onto the clear sleeve. Once the InsulCheck is attached to the sleeve, it automatically resets itself. From there, you just use your pen as normal. When it detects an injection, the display will flash to confirm and reset the timer. The next time you go to inject, it will show you how long it's been since your last injection. Overall, it's a very simple process. Installation time is short, the weight difference is negligible, and it doesn't impact your use at all.

The Insulcheck currently works with the:

  • FlexPen - NovoRapid
  • FlexPen - NovoLog
  • FlexPen - Victoza
  • Novo Pen 3
  • Novo Pen 4
  • KwikPen - Humalog
  • KwikPen - Humalog Mix 50/50
  • KwikPen - Humalog Mix 75/25
  • Luxura
  • Apidra SoloStar
  • Lantus SoloStar
  • and the ClickStar

For additional information or to purchase the InsulCheck, please visit

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