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Diabetes Sentry (The Sleep Sentry Monitor)

Designed over 20 years ago by Teledyne Avionics to detect nighttime lows, the original Sleep Sentry quickly fell on hard times. Despite being an excellent product with thousands of loyal users, it was ahead of its time and marketing faltered. Teledyne sold its remaining stock along with the rights to a Houston endocrinologist, Dr. Eric Orzeck, in 1983. The last of the original stock was gone by 1992, but after 10 years and a total redesign, the Sentry is again available.

Dexcom G4 Platinum

Updated for Dexcom Share FDA approval DexCom, headquartered in San Diego, California, is focused on developing technology for continuous glucose monitoring to improve the lives of people with diabetes. Their DexCom STS system was approved by the FDA on March 27, 2006. Since then, Dexcom has upgraded their system to the new Dexcom G4 Platinum. In February of 2014, the FDA approved a pediatric version of the G4 for children ages 2-17. The sensors may be placed in the upper buttocks or abdomen for children but parents are cautioned to not depend solely on the CGM for readings.


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