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Infrared Technology

IR technology has been the most active area in non-invasive monitoring research. A lot of excitement was generated by this technology many years ago when it was found IR waves could directly measure glucose.

Devices were developed that could measure the ripeness of fruit indicated by the glucose content in their skins by reflecting infrared waves off the fruit. Approaches to measure glucose in the body are now being attempted using both near and middle infrared waves are being utilized. IR waves have shorter wavelengths and are closer to visible light than radio waves.


Sentek Group, Inc. is developing a non-invasive diagnostic tool targeting diabetes patients that uses a patented Crystalline Colloidal Array (CCA) technology exclusively licensed from the University of Pittsburgh. While Sentek plans to exploit several applications of the technology, the company’s first commercial efforts are for the Glucoview ocular insert that will enable diabetics to continuously monitor their blood glucose levels, and unlike most competing technologies, it will not require finger stabs.

Senseonics Eversense Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

Senseonics Inc, based in Germantown, MD, received approval from an FDA advisory panel on March 29, 2018 for its entirely implantable 90-day continuous glucose monitoring system called Eversense. The Eversense CGM system has been available in Europe since 2016 where Senseonics recently launched an extended length 180-day version. Depending on final FDA approval, Eversense may become available in the US sometime in the middle of 2018. Senseonics hopes to start studies for approval of the 180-day version this summer.

Orsense Ltd.

OrSense Ltd. is a medical device company based in Israel. Their first product, the NBM 200MP is based on its proprietary Occlusion Spectroscopy technology. Orsense claims this technology overcomes obstacles that have plagued other companies attempting to measure glucose optically through the skin.


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