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Device Connectivity – The Next Big Wave in Diabetes

The Apple Watch and its operating system iOS 8 holds great promise for people with diabetes when it and the iPhone finally connect wearers to Apple’s Health software. With Android options also rapidly developing, these advances hold great potential for easy passage of diabetes data between devices so it can benefit people with diabetes and their health care providers. The question we really want answered is when will the meter, pump and CGM talk to each other?

Tandem t:slim Insulin Pump

t:slim Insulin Pump by Tandem

Tandem Diabetes Care has raised the bar for what pumpers will expect with their new t:slim insulin pump. Inside a sleek glass, chrome, and glossy black exterior sits a high contrast color screen with an iPhone look designed for ease and speed of use. Behind the screen is a pressure-generated micro-delivery system that allows basal rates to be ajdusted by 0.001 (one thousandths) of a unit per hour. Bolus adjustments can be made in increments as small as 0.01 (one hundredth) of a unit.

Debiotech Jewel Pump

Debiotech Jewel Pump

The Debiotech JewelPump is a disposable patch pump with some similarities to the current Omnipod, as well as other patch pumps on the horizon. Debiotech, a Swiss company, teamed with ST Microelectronics to create this sleek pump system. Like most patch pumps, a separate controller is required to deliver bolus insulin doses. It use a microelectromechanical (MEMS) pumping system, that allows the pump to be kept small and light.

Cellnovo Insulin Pump

The Cellnovo Diabetes Management System includes an insulin patch pump, continuous activity monitor, and a cellular-enabled wireless touchscreen handset with integrated blood glucose meter. Their semi-patch pump (patch pump with a nearby infusion site) got a lot of attention in 2009 when it was first announced because of its small size and iPhone-like handset. They received CE approval in September of 2011 and expects to receive FDA approval in the US. They filed for 510(k) in November of 2016 and responded to a series of FDA questions in August of 2017. The FDA has requested further information, but approval is anticipated in 2018.

Valeritas V-Go

The V-Go is a simple-to-use, once-daily, disposable insulin delivery device that provides a preset basal rate and on-demand bolus dosing. The V-Go allows you to conveniently and discreetly deliver insulin. The h-Patch technology is also being developed to serve as a launching platform for applications across a wide spectrum of medical needs. The original h-Patch product (BIDS) received 510(k) clearance in 2005 and based on improvements to this technology and its filling device, a new 510(k) for the V-Go and its Filling device was submitted and is currently under review by the FDA.


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