Sentek Group, Inc. is developing a non-invasive diagnostic tool targeting diabetes patients that uses a patented Crystalline Colloidal Array (CCA) technology exclusively licensed from the University of Pittsburgh. While Sentek plans to exploit several applications of the technology, the company’s first commercial efforts are for the Glucoview ocular insert that will enable diabetics to continuously monitor their blood glucose levels, and unlike most competing technologies, it will not require finger stabs.

Sentek believes that their Glucoview ocular insert distinguishes itself from all current and proposed technologies in four key ways:

  • It is non-invasive (doesn’t require finger stabs)
  • It requires no instrumentation (either to collect fluids or analyze results)
  • It provides easily measurable, quantitative results
  • It is a low-cost, continuous monitoring solution

For questions, contact:

Philipe Sommer, CEO
(212) 996-3628