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Changes in daily life affect how much insulin you need, while your control is determined by how well your insulin is matched to these changes. Charts help you visualize a complete picture of the interactions between insulin doses, food intake, carb counts, and activity. Though charting takes time and effort, it lets you see how insulin and carbs can be adjusted to control your blood sugars. Let My Other Checkbook make things easy for you. Now track your blood sugars and everything that affects them quickly and clearly. Look at our filled-out sample and see just how easy it can be.


  • Easy, convenient charting!
  • Fits in a pocket or purse
  • Graphical format!
  • Blood sugars at any time of day, plus insulin doses, foods, and activity
  • Better control at a glance!
  • Lets you and your doctor make informed decisions


“Great charts! You really hit on a winner. It beats lugging around that pile of papers I’ve been messing with for years.”

Rick Preisser, San Diego Pumper

“We have an all-endocrine practice and treat over 10,000 patients with Diabetes Mellitus in the Greater Washington Area. I was quite impressed with My Other CheckBook…I believe that many of our patients will use it.”

Robert J. Tanenberg, MD, F.A.C.P., Medical Director, Diabetes Treatment Center
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Georgetown University

My Other Checkbook Covers
by John Walsh PA CDE and Ruth Roberts MA

4 months – 12 months

12 Month of Charts, 3″ x 6″

Only $21.45, save $5.40!


Charting booklet fits conveniently into a checkbook cover. Get the Pocket Pancreas and 4 mos. of Smart Charts for only $12.95 or 4 monthly Smart Chart refills for $8.95!