LighTouch Medical , Inc. – Spectroscopy

LighTouch Medical measures blood glucose noninvasively by projecting a specific color of light into the user’s fingertip. The light that bounces back to the monitor is analyzed for blood glucose results. The technique is based off of Raman-based spectroscopy. It specifically monitors a patient’s hematocrit levels and other medically useful blood analytes.

Clinical trials of the glucose monitor began in 1999 in partnership with the Joslin Diabetes Center in Syracuse, New York. Their website suggest that the Lightouch non-invasive glucose monitoring device is currently being tested and is in application processes for Investigational Device Exemption status en route to full FDA testing and approval. No time frame other than "the near future" has been found though. Current projections anticipate the miniaturized home version, or PMD (Personal Medical Device), will follow within six to nine months of the main device.

About LighTouch Medical

LighTouch Medical, Inc was created in 1997. Their goal is to develop a pain free and truly non-invasive glucose monitor. Based in Syracuse, New York, LTM has developed a foundational technology that will support the original goal of a non-invasive glucose monitor and a host of other non-invasive applications as well. LTM has twelve patents related to the core technology, with multiple other patents pending.