Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM System

Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM System

DexCom, headquartered in San Diego, California, develops continuous glucose monitoring technology that can help improve the lives of people with diabetes. Their first DexCom STS system was approved by the FDA on March 27, 2006. Ongoing upgrades to their technology have now produced the Dexcom G5® Mobile CGM System that is considered to be the most accurate CGM system at this time. While this new system has been FDA approved to allow you to make treatment decisions without a fingerstick, a minimum of 2 finger sticks a day is required for calibration. Dexcom encourages you to speak with your healthcare provider and decide when you are ready to start making these decisions without using a previously approved meter and routine finger sticks.

The Dexcom G5 Mobile System ships with:

  • The G5 Transmitter – Can transmit data to your display devices for up to 20 feet, the range is less if you are in or underwater
  • The G5 Receiver
  • USB charging cable and charger – Battery lasts approximately three months
  • receiver carry case/belt clip
  • Dexcom Studio Software
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Training Tutorial USB card

Choose your display device and mobile app

The G5 Transmitter can send readings to your Dexcom G5 Receiver or a compatible smart device. There are different apps that are compatible with different devices so you should consult the provided list. You can easily view your readings on the provided G5 receiver.

The Dexcom G5 Mobile App works with Apple products, from the iPhone to the iPad to the Apple Watch, to allow you to view real-time glucose data and trends right on these devices. Their previous app, Dexcom Share, has been built into this new app so you can share your data with your caregivers or loved ones who are using the Dexcom Follow App. The Follow app does work with some Android devices, like Samsung phones.

Dexcom Clarity

The Dexcom CLARITY app helps make diabetes data reporting and management simple. It gives you access to important information and highlights the data points you should be paying attention to like highs, lows, average glucose readings, and more. Clarity will also look at all your readings and insight into patterns and potential management solutions. You can compare different times frames to see if your management solutions are working.