Glooko MeterSync Blue Brings Bluetooth to Your Meter

Glooko MeterSync Blue Brings Bluetooth to Your Meter

Glooko, a glucose management system for physician offices and health care systems,  announced the launch of a new product called the MeterSync Blue. This device adds Bluetooth capabilities to more than 30 popular glucose meters, allowing you to connect and transmit your readings to the Glooko platform on Android or Apple devices. This then transfers your glucose readings to the cloud for analysis. The MeterSync Blue allows your meter to communicate with your phone up to 15 feet away. Most meters will still need a serial cable connection with the MeterSync but Accu-Chek meters will connect to it wirelessly. This approach allows patients to use the Bluetooth functionality and convenience without having buy a new meter.

How to Buy

Glooko is not currently sold to individual consumers. Your healthcare provider and insurance companies have to get the meter for you. Glooko’s business model is to sell to large groups that buy into their entire management system. Individual purchases are not currently available but you can sign up to be notified when this option will be available.


Glooko’s system already shares data with EHRs and other care management systems. Individual users can download a Comma Separated Value (CSV) document of their data to enter into a spreadsheet and use it however they want. They are also working on including data from other Bluetooth enabled health devices such as exercise bands, blood pressure cuffs and scales. With a $7 million investment from Samsung, they are expected to be a big part of the S-Health system as well. Yet another step in the direction of device connectivity.

Here are some videos of the MeterSync setup:

MeterSync Blue for OneTouch meters
MeterSync Blue for Accu-Chek meters

Visit the Glooko site for more info