Excess sweating can cause even well-constructed infusion sets or CGMs to come loose and fall out.

No warning except high BGs, a dangling infusion set, or loss of CGM signal!


  • Don’t use body lotion or lotion soaps on infusion sites.
  • Clean skin with 70% alcohol and let dry.
  • After inserting the infusion set, immediately press down firmly on the adhesive.  This is the time when the adhesive is most adherent. Press firmly on the white adhesive right away.
  • Contact your pump or CGM company for over-bandages that go over the outside of your set to extend its adhesion area. Pharmacies also carry adhesives like IV-3000 and Tegaderm that can be cut to shape to extend adhesion. Kerri Sparling offers a complete list of great adhesives.
  • Consider a liquid adhesive like Skin Tac-H by Mason Labs or Skin Prep by Smith and Nephew that can be wiped or brushed onto the skin to increase adhesion.  With Skin Tac, be sure to also get TacAway Remover Wipes to remove this adhesive!
  • Before applying the infusion set, spray a plain, unscented antiperspirant (NOT a deodorant) onto the skin and let dry. This reduces sweating.

Read Pumping Insulin for easy steps on how to succeed with your insulin pump.

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