Pump People

San Diego Pump Club

San Diego Pump Club

To the left, some of the happy pumpers in the San Diego Pump Club. Started in 1982, John Rodosevich (“light of hair”, 2nd from right in the back row) heads this group.

The former Miss America Nicole Johnson controls her diabetes with a pump, of course!

Nicole Johnson

Pump Kids

Megan and Robert, ages 12 and 14 are a sister-brother pump duo. Both have had diabetes for 9 years and love the better life their pumps give them. “When I was using shots, my blood sugar was high, I felt terrible and weak. Now my blood sugars stay level and I feel great,” says Robert. (courtesy DNEWS) Hear more about Kids On Pumps and talk with their parents. “I am on an insulin pump and can’t imagine ever going back to shots. I have never felt better!” bootsy@epix.net

Kids and insulin pumps

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