OneTouch Ping

The OneTouch Ping was a pump from the Animas Corporation. It was a glucose management system that included an insulin pump and a glucose meter-remote. The two devices communicated wirelessly with each other. Users could calculate insulin doses and deliver boluses through the glucose meter-remote or manually on the pump.

Animas® 2020 Insulin Pump

OneTouch Ping was a collaborative effort between two of the companies in Johnson & Johnson’s Diabetes Care Group: Animas, which manufactures insulin pumps, and LifeScan, which makes the OneTouch brand of glucose meters and test strips.

What are the pump’s features?

  • flat panel, self-illuminating, color screen
  • available in 5 colors
  • the pump can be clipped to a belt, tucked in a pocket or secured under clothing
  • waterproof in up to 12 feet of water for 24 hours
  • lowest basal increments (0.025 u/hr) and lowest bolus increments (0.05 u) currently available on an insulin pump
  • uses OneTouch Ultra test strips
  • works with ezManager® MAX Diabetes Management Software and is compatible with the OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software
  • works with Mac OSX and PCs, including Vista
  • built-in 500-item CalorieKing® food database
  • all pump accessories, except the leather case, for the 2020 will fit the OneTouch Ping


  • Extra device compared to Deltec, but the Deltec system is larger.
  • Pump is larger than small meters

Bottom Line

This is a slick system for pump wearers who want to give boluses remotely and discreetly. It brings pump wearers closer to ensuring that all boluses are read into pump data.

ModelOneTouch Ping
Dimensions [mm]50.8 x 82.55 x 21.59
Volume5.525 ci 90.54 cc
Weight [oz]3.9 oz
Reservoir Size200 plastic
ConnectionLuer Lock
Screen Size992 sq mm color screen
ColorsBlue, Silver, Black, Pink, Green
Basal Increment0.025u
Total Basals12/day
Basal Profiles4
Basal Interval30 min
Basal DeliveryVaries, 0.2 u/hr every 3 minutes
Temp Basal90% to +200% in increments of 10% for 0.5 to 24 hours (30 min increments)
Bolus Increments0.05 Visual or 0.1, 1.0 or 5.0 audio
Carbohydrate and
Correction Factors
Yes, carbohydrate and blood glucose values can be entered into the pump or meter-remote
Bolus TypeUnits or Carbs: standard, extended or combination
1u bolus duration1 or 3 sec
BatteryPump uses 1 AA lithium or AA alkaline
Battery Life4-6 weeks with lithium, 2-4 weeks with alkaline

  • 500 boluses
  • 270 basals
  • 120 daily totals
  • 60 alarms
  • 60 primes
  • 900 blood glucose levels
Software DownloadezManager® Max downloads in 3 minutes with dongle and software that are available at Animas
Waterproof12 ft for 24 hours
Guarantee4 years

See information for the older Animas pumps.