Nipro Diabetes Systems

With offices in Miramar, Fla., Nipro Diabetes Systems manufactures the Amigo Insulin Pump in the U.S. Its parent company, Nipro Corporation, is a multi-billion dollar company headquartered in Osaka, Japan that has been a leader in the healthcare field since 1954. Nipro Diabetes Systems provides extensive insulin pump training and education through Certified Diabetes Educators, 24 hours a day. The company is committed to supporting people with diabetes by developing and marketing high-quality, safe and effective products that enhance its customers’ lives.

Amigo® Insulin Pump (No Longer Available)

Amigo Insulin Pump

Nipro Diabetes Systems introduces its Amigo® Insulin Pump to help keep blood glucose in control for children and adults with types 1 and 2 diabetes. Built for safety, reliability, accuracy, and durability, the Amigo Insulin Pump features computerlike help screens for easy programming. Dedicated to supporting the ever-changing treatment of diabetes, the Amigo was designed by people who live with diabetes along with a group of healthcare professionals who specialize in chronic disease.

Similar to a computer, the Amigo features wizards to walk the wearer through pump programming sequences and on-screen help messages. Other benefits include:

  • It offers four basal profiles with up to 48 basal rates in a 24-hour period and a temporary profile that can be set in either units per hour or a percentage of the current basal profile.
  • Delivers insulin every three or 15 minutes in as little as five-hundredths of a unit.
  • Bolus delivery options of Normal, Extended and Layered; and a Direct Bolus for delivering insulin through clothing without looking at the pump.
  • Bolus Estimator – Wearers enter information about their current blood glucose and the food they are eating and the Amigo calculates the bolus for food and high blood glucose
    correction so no manual calculation is needed.
  • Housed in a shatter, resistant, waterproof case.
  • Syringe cap with 90% infusion-set connector so it lies flatter and has no point sticking out to catch on skin or clothing.
  • Safety features – It offers several user-programmed settings that notify users when insulin is low, reminding them when to test blood glucose and when they have exceeded hourly insulin delivery quotas.
  • Six fashionable colors.