Dexcom and Abbott CGMs Available for Covid-19 In Hospitals

If you get hospitalized, keep wearing your CGM! That’s right. In response to healthcare workers’ concerns, the FDA now allows you to wear Dexcom or Abbott CGMs supplied by the manufacturers in hospitals. Access to remotely monitored glucose levels minimizes exposure to Covid-19 by both patients and hospital personnel and also reduces the use of personal protective equipment or PPE.
To aid this effort, Abbott partnered with the American Diabetes Association, Insulin for Life USA, and the Diabetes Disaster Response Coalition to donate 25,000 FreeStyle Libre 14-day sensors to the U.S. hospitals and medical centers in Covid-19 hotspots. Dexcom is manufacturing 100,000 G6 sensors for hospitalized patients with Covid-19. Also donated are more than 10,000 phones and receivers for hospital personnel. The companies’ efforts accelerate access to CGM technology in critical healthcare settings.