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The Diabetes Mall or has exclusive discretion for determining the types of advertising and promotion that will be accepted and displayed on the site. Acceptance of any advertisement is not to be considered as an endorsement of the product(s) and/or service(s) advertised or for the company that manufactures, distributes, or promotes such product(s) or service(s). accepts advertisements for products and services that we deem to be of interest to our viewers. We do not accept advertising that we know either contains false or misleading claims or promotes ineffective or dangerous products. We do not accept advertising for alcohol, tobacco, firearms or pornography. Advertisers are not permitted to influence the content of the information presented on this site.

Advertisers and sponsors may target their messages to specific information categories within our site, but we do not use personal information about our visitors to determine which advertisements they will see when they visit our site.

Ads are delivered without browser cookies. We do this to protect the privacy of our readers. may share anonymous statistical information regarding site usage and traffic patterns with our advertisers and sponsors. Information in these summary reports cannot be linked to our visitors individually. Any information provided by them to the advertiser is not controlled by reserves the right to reject, cancel, or remove at any time any advertising from this site for any reason and will provide prompt notice to the advertiser upon rejection, cancellation, or removal of any advertising, together with an explanation following the rejection, cancellation, or removal.