Diabetes MoToMove

Diabetes MoToMove

Welcome to my new column, Diabetes Mo(tivated)ToMove that speaks about diabetes, activity, exercise and sports. I will focus on balancing diabetes and athletics and the people who inspire us by doing so. The articles will largely be excerpts from my new book The Sisterhood of Diabetes as well as stories about other PWD’s who play hard, move fast, and seek out challenges. Be aware, however, that if you have been a follower of my Cyber Kitchen, you’ll understand that an occasional recipe and healthy life style tip may pop up as well. I hope you enjoy the new column.

# Title
1 I Run On Insulin - The story of Paula Harper
2 Pioneer Woman of Diabetes And Exercise - More on Paula Harper
3 Moving From There to Here - Camille Izlar
4 At This Time of Year - Becky Rosenheck
5 The Way Missy Moves - Missy Foy
6 Become Inspired
7 Shall We Dance - Zippora Karz 
8 Diabetes Reflected in the Mirror - Catherine Schuller
9 Moving Patiently
10 Where Has Diabetes and Exercise Gone?
11 As Time Goes By
12 Dreams Begin With Baby Steps
13 ADA Scientific 75th Sessions Observations
14 A Different Kind of MoTo Move
15 Powering Through Pain
16 Diabetes and Grit
17 A MoTo Move Spirit That Keeps Moving
18 Mary and Me
19 Barre Time
20 Culture of Diabetes
21 The Importance of a Morning Stretch
22 Tai Chi Everyday
23 Finding Motivation Con Brio
24 Hey! What About Us
25 Weather the Weather
26 Stepping Up to The New Year
27 MoTo Move In Action


The Sisterhood of Diabetes by Judith Jones-Ambrosini

The Sisterhood of Diabetes

The Sisterhood of Diabetes tells 38 true-life stories of women with diabetes-the challenges they faced and the adventures they took. While many books offer the "do's and don'ts” of diabetes care, this book bypasses the humdrum to bring the reader face to face with the real struggles and joys of living with diabetes. Judith Ambrosini has lived under the influence of Type 1 diabetes for over 50 years. She knows the importance of exercise, sports and leading an active life as a major component of excellent diabetes care.

Cover Price: $21.95 Only 15.35, 259 pages, 8.9" x 6", 2014

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