Timesulin: A Cap For Insulin Pens

Timesulin: A Cap For Insulin Pens

Timesulin is a cap for insulin pens that shows users how long it's been since their last insulin injection. It is easy to forget when you last took a shot. Was it 10 minutes ago? An hour? 3 hours? Missing the shot can results in blood sugar highs, while taking an extra can result in blood sugar lows. Timesulin helps avoid these mistakes.


The Timesulin cap is very simple to use since it doesn't require any programming. Place the cap on your insulin pen. It should read 00:00 when you receive it. When it's time to take your injection simply remove the cap, inject, and replace the cap on the pen. This action resets and starts the timer. Keep in mind that the cap has to be off for at least 8 seconds for the reset to register. This is to allow users to check their insulin or inspect the pen without throwing off the timer.

The battery is said to last at least 12 months, with visual alerts starting about 1 month prior to the battery completely going out. There is no way to replace the battery so a new cap must be purchased.

Besides benefitting memory, Timesulin is also a great aid for tracking bolus insulin on board (IOB or BOB) to prevent insulin stacking. Like an insulin pump that can tell you how much glucose-lowering activity remains from your last bolus, Timesulin combined with the new Freestyle Insulinx meter, can help you track residual insulin. Even if you forget to log the time when your last dose of rapid insulin was given into Insulinx, you can enter how long ago the dose was given along with the units given, and Insulinx will account for any IOB, your amount of glucose, and the carbs you want to eat to calculate an accurate dose. Timesulin and Insulinx are a great combination for accurate doses of rapid-acting insulin.

Timesulin works with the following pens:

  • Flexpen - Novorapid
  • Flexpen - Levemir
  • Flexpen - Victoza
  • Flexpen - Novolog
  • Flexpen - Protaphane HM (ge)
  • Lantus Solostar
  • Apidra Solostar
  • Insuman Solostar
  • Kwikpen - Humalog 50/50
  • Kwikpen - Humalog 75/25
  • Kwikpen - Humalog

Timesulin is currently available in Kmart, Rite Aid and most independent pharmacies. You may also be interested in the InsulCheck and the Pendiq Digital Insulin Pen.

For additional information or to purchase Timesulin caps, please visit www.timesulin.com.