Agamatrix Presto Blood Glucose Testing

Agamatrix Presto Blood Glucose Testing

Successful diabetes management starts with accurate numbers. WaveSense is a new technology that personalizes each test to provide world class accuracy. It detects and corrects for common sources of error that make blood glucose measurements inaccurate. Some of the common errors are:

Blood Samples - Blood sample variations such as hematocrit level (the amount of red blood cells in the sample) or chemical interferences from food or beverages (such as vitamin C from orange juice).

Environmental Conditions - Environmental conditions such as altitude and/or temperature when the sample is taken

Manufacturing Variations - Manufacturing variations where no two test strips are exactly alike

More Information, Better Numbers - The fundamental advantage of WaveSense is the amount of data that is collected and analyzed. WaveSense Technology analyzes many different variables to help correct for common interference effects.

Hematocrit AutoCorrection - Hematocrit is the amount of red blood cells a sample of your blood contains. Hematocrit levels vary between men and women and between different individuals. Hematocrit variations can lead to inaccurate readings. WaveSense-enabled products automatically correct for hematocrit variations.

Meters Key Features include:

  • No Code
  • Small 0.5 µL Sample Size
  • Test results in As Fast As 1-2-3®*
  • Large Backlit Display
  • Alternate site testing
  • 300 test memory
  • 14,30, and 90 day averages
  • On Screen Graphing
  • 6 User Settable alarms
  • Hypo/Hyperglycemic warning alarms
  • Data Management Software via USB connection

Visit our store and order test strips and get a free meter that includes:

  • Blood Glucose Meter
  • Two 3-volt Lithium Batteries, Preinstalled
  • 1 Vial of 10 Test Strips
  • Compact Carrying Case
  • Lancing Device
  • Clear AST Lancing Device Camp
  • 10 Lancets (33 Gauge)
  • Control Solution
  • Owner's Guide