ADA Complete Guide To Diabetes

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Now available at the Diabetes Mall, this book is the ultimate home reference from the diabetes experts. When it comes to managing diabetes, knowledge is your most powerful tool. For over seven decades, the American Diabetes Association has been leading the way in finding a cure and improving the lives of people wiht diabetes. With the ADA Complete Guide to Diabetes, you have the go-to-source for the most reliable information on diabetes self-care from the diabetes authority. From describing the different types of diabetes to breaking down the details on blood glucose monitoring, this book covers everything a person with diabetes needs to know to stay healthy and in control. Now, this comprehensive resource is more current and helpful than ever.

Completely revised to contain the latest information on research, medications, and treatments, the ADA Complete Guide to Diabetes has the answer to any question you may have about diabetes, including:

  • How does type 2 diabetes affect my body?
  • Now that I have diabetes, what should I eat?
  • How can I integrate diabetes into a healthy work and family life?
  • Which medications are right for me?
  • What should I do in the event of a blood glucose emergency?
  • Can I make physical activity a fun and safe part of my lifestyle?
  • How will the recent changes in health insurance affect me?
  • I'm burned out. Where can I find help coping with diabetes?

You're the best advocate for your health, so make sure you have the best resource at your fingertips – the American Diabetes Association Complete Guide to Diabetes.


ADA Complete Guide to Diabetes

ADA Complete Guide to Diabetes

by the American Diabetes Association
7" x 9", 499 pages, 2011
Cover Price: $22.95
Only $16.05 at the Diabetes Mall


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