Meters & Monitors

LighTouch Medical , Inc. - Spectroscopy

LighTouch Medical measures blood glucose noninvasively by projecting a specific color of light into the user’s fingertip. The light that bounces back to the monitor is analyzed for blood glucose results. The technique is based off of Raman-based spectroscopy. It specifically monitors a patient’s hematocrit levels and other medically useful blood analytes.

Scout DS by Veralight

The Scout DS is a non-invasive, near-infrared screening device for pre and Type 2 diabetes. Described as an optical skin test, the goal is for the device to replace conventional screening so no blood is drawn or fasting is necessary. The technology is based around detecting Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) in the skin. AGE levels are typically higher in people with diabetes. Previous testing of AGE values were done using a punch biopsy of the skin and only a few labs could actually complete the test. Veralight has made the process simpler and less painful with the Scout DS.

Photonic Glucose Sensor by Cybiocare

The Photonic Glucose Sensor (PGS) is a non-invasive, near-infrared, continuous alarm monitoring system made by Onsens. The system includes the main sensor, 2 armbands, and a battery charger. Each armbad contains enough power for 30 hours of wear. The sensor is bluetooth enabled so it can contact an iPhone running the Onsens's free diabetes management app or communicate with compatible blood glucose meters. You can even wear the PGS while sleeping, like the SleepSentry or Hypomon.


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