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Pumping Insulin, 5th Edition is on its way!

We are happy to announce that the 5th edition of Pumping Insulin is finally at the printers! Books will be shipped to all of our preorder customers in the first week of June. If you haven't ordered yet, order today for only $19.55

Pumping Insulin 5th Edition provides up-to-date information on how to use the smart pump for the best blood glucose management.

Insulet and J&J Reach Agreement

Insulet and Johnson & Johnson announced an agreement to incorporate the OneTouch technology into the Omnipod's remote controller. The next Omnipod will have a built in blood glucose meter in the PDM, allowing you to carry one less device. Insulet already has a deal with Abbott Diabetes Care to include their Freestyle technology in their new PDM but the deal isn't exclusive. Upon release, Insulet could decide to have a separate device for each blood glucose meter technology or switch to Lifescan exclusively after the Abbott deal expires in 2013.

Tandem t:slim Insulin Pump

t:slim Insulin Pump by Tandem

Tandem Diabetes Care has raised the bar for what pumpers will expect with their new t:slim insulin pump. Inside a sleek glass, chrome, and glossy black exterior sits a high contrast color screen with an iPhone look designed for ease and speed of use. Behind the screen is a pressure-generated micro-delivery system that allows basal rates to be ajdusted by 0.001 (one thousandths) of a unit per hour. Bolus adjustments can be made in increments as small as 0.01 (one hundredth) of a unit.

Roche and Dexcom Partner Up

Dexcom is making more friends. Already having partnerships with Animas and Omnipod, Dexcom has now signed a research and development agreement with Roche Diagnostics U.S. The plan is to integrate Dexcom's continuous glucose monitor into Roche's insulin pumps so you can see trends and blood glucose data in one handheld device.

Here's an excerpt from the announcement:


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