Future Pumps

Future Insulin Pumps

The diabetes technology area has grown so much over the years. There are a number of companies jumping into the field with different ways to pump insulin. We've listed a few below.


The Cellnovo patch pump has garnered a lot of attention since it's initial mention in 2009. With it's small size and well designed handset, pumpers can't wait to get their hands on this device.

Patch Insulin Pumps

Patch pump technology has been on the verge of breaking through for several years and now it may actually happen. Patch pumps are becoming popular because they avoid the tethered approach of current pumps. Instead of having your pump connected to your body via an infusion set and tubing, the patch pump is worn directly on the body, discreetly attached at the infusion site and wirelessly controlled with a separate device.

Diabetes Technology

Diabetes care has improved with many of the technological advances in the field. From improvements in insulin pumps and infusion sets to the implementation of continuous glucose monitors, technology is helping deal with diabetes easier than ever before. More technology companies are getting involved in diabetes everyday. In this section, you will find information on:


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