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Judith Jones-Ambrosini

Hey! What About Us - MoToMove #24

Well, what about us! The “us” I am talking about is the growing number of T1D’s who have lived full, rich lives with diabetes, over a lifetime of many years. Sure, the diabetes world has been moving forward at a fairly snappy pace. Innovative technologies, creative tools and tricks, more accessible education and widespread social media connections have brought enrichment to many PWD’s. The battle for Medicare coverage of CGM’s for seniors has been won, thanks to warriors like Dr. Nick Argento of Maryland and many others who led the fight to win.

Weather the Weather - MoToMove #25

Some of you might be reading this from a place where shorts and T-shirts prevail and the concept of layering to keep warm is more or less vague. We had eighteen inches of snow fall yesterday just a few blocks from the mighty Atlantic Ocean in a small one-square mile town on the New Jersey coast. Every so often we get hit with a winter nor’easter similar to a summer master-of-the-universe hurricane.

Finding Motivation Con Brio - MoToMove #23

We all have our ways of propelling, thrusting, actuating, setting in motion, powering, joggling, driving a need or finding a desire that causes action. In other words, discovering within ourselves emotion that operates on the will and inspires us to act. Recently I ran into an old friend who had been diagnosed with T2D a couple years ago. After the initial surprise of the diagnosis and listening to recommendations from the family doctor, he decided take some action in controlling his diabetes and advocating for himself in the form of cycling.

The Culture of Diabetes - MoToMove #20

Look at what we have today: insulin pumps, CGM's we can read on our smart phones, bionic pancreases, support groups and blogs to name a few. Sure, it has taken years of blood, sweat and research to achieve all this. Odd as it may seem sometimes I ask what is it all for anyway?  Is the mission for all the discoveries and technologies to improve the lives of those of us who live with diabetes?

Me and Mary - MoToMove #18

For over twenty years I ran a small exclusive catering business in New York City.  One of my clients was an interior designer who decided to have a series of dinner parties to show off the décor in his new apartment to his top clients.  And so, my mission impossible staff and I rallied uptown to carry out the order.  To tell the truth the apartment was gorgeous but the kitchen, although sleek and beautiful, was not a cook’s kitchen.


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