• The Sisterhood of Diabetes

38 Female Atheletes Share Inspiration For Everyone

The Sisterhood of Diabetes tells 38 true-life stories of women with diabetes-the challenges they faced and the adventures they took. These accomplished women of all ages and from around the world, are athletes, scholars, and champions in many ways who will motivate and inspire others, whether diabetic or not, in redefining abilities and venturing beyond self-imposed limits. While many books offer the "do's and don'ts” of diabetes care, this book bypasses the humdrum and the confusing fuselage of medical terminology and treatment to bring the reader face to face with the real struggles and joys of living with diabetes. Judith Ambrosini has lived under the influence of Type 1 diabetes for over 50 years. She knows the importance of exercise, sports and leading an active life as a major component of excellent diabetes care. This understanding influenced her to run and walk marathons, to cycle, dance, and to practice and teach tai chi, which she continues to do today. This health challenge has also guided her to be of service in the global diabetes community.

The women she has interviewed for this book are strong and confident in their sports and in their lives. This book sheds bright light on what can sometimes be a devastating prognosis, by telling true and encouraging stories of successful individuals. The vast primary audience for this book is the diabetes population, but it will be an effective tool for clinicians and health professionals for their own education, and as recommended motivational reading for their patients. Libraries, universities, hospitals, and community resource centers will benefit from the information presented here. The book is also of great appeal to the general reading population for the stories it tells of how people cope and succeed despite obstacles.

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The Sisterhood of Diabetes

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